Budget Pay

The Budget Payment Plan is offered as another option in paying your electric bill. This program was implemented to make paying your electric bill easier and avoid the high winter months getting you behind! It does not reflect your actual bill. What this means is you will be able to avoid paying those high winter electric bills by paying one standard amount all year long. The budget payment amount is calculated by taking your previous 24 months' electric bills and factoring in changes in rates, or warm winters, and dividing by 24. This equals your average monthly electric bill. This amount will be rounded to the nearest five and used as your budget pay amount. If you are a new service, your amount will be estimated and reviewed in two months to see if an adjustment is necessary.

Once a year in May your budget payment amount will be trued up to what your bills would have been. In some cases you may have a credit coming or it may be a balance due. Once you sign up for the Budget Pay Plan you must make the monthly payment amount in order to stay in the plan. If you become delinquent you will go back to the regular method of being billed. Your account may have a credit balance in the summer months; this credit is non-refunded unless the service is disconnected.

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