Energy Audits

To better serve our members, Clearwater-Polk now offers comprehensive home energy audits.  A home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more efficient.  An audit identifies areas where members can make improvements or perform maintenance tasks that result in energy savings.

blower door testBlower Door Test:  A blower door is used to measure the extent of leaks and infiltration in a home.  Within a few minutes of running a blower door test, a trained auditor can pinpoint where leaks need to be sealed, insulation added, or even help detect poor air quality if a house is sealed too tight.

thermal imagingThermal Imaging:   An infrared camera is one of the tools used during a comprehensive energy audit.  They can reveal hard-to-detect air infiltration and missing insulation.  Moisture-related problems can also show up with an infrared camera.

Cost:  It is not uncommon for a comprehensive energy audit to run as much as $600.  As a member of Clearwater-Polk, the charge is only $125, which includes a post-audit if energy improvements are made after the initial audit is performed.  The post-audit is used to verify improvements, such as adding insulation, and to determine how the improvements affect the efficiency of the home.

Insulation Rebates:  Insulation and Air Sealing rebates are available for any member who has a comprehensive energy audit performed.  A post-audit is required for any Insulation/Air-Sealing rebate.