Payment Options

Payment Options

Not only can you visit our friendly staff to pay your bill, your electric bill can also be paid at the Gonvick and Clearbrook banks.  We also have a drop box located at the south end of our parking lot to use after hours and on weekends.  You may also opt to use your credit or debit card either online (the link, Paymentus, is on the Home page of this website), or by telephone at 877-506-3120.  There is no charge to you, our member, for using this option.

You may also opt to use Bill4U, our online bill paying service that also lets you view your bill electronically.  Bill4U allows you to manage your consuption by displaying daily, monthly and annual usage.

All Electric bills shall be due and payable on the 5th of each month. On accounts not paid by the 20th day of the same month a late payment charge shall be added to the bill. The amount of the charge shall be 5% of the unpaid balance. If the 20th falls on a holiday or weekend, the next working day shall be the due date.

When it becomes necessary to call at the consumer's premises for collection of payment an additional charge of $35 + tax will be added to the bill. In the event that it becomes necessary to disconnect the electric service, all outstanding charges must be paid, plus another $50.00 for the reconnect, in full, at the Cooperative office before service is restored. If the consumer requests that the service be reconnected after the working hours of the day an additional fee of $150.00 plus tax must be paid.


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