Off Peak

The electric heat is metered separately, and it has a load management device hooked to it that we refer to as a ripple control. The ripple control will shut the electric heat off over peak periods. The total control will shut the electric heat off up to a range of 500 to 700 hours per heating season. You need to have a backup heating system to heat your home over these control periods. The type of backup system is left up to the homeowner. If you travel or are gone from home a lot in the winter we recommend you have a backup system that is fully automatic to prevent your house from freezing up in the event that a control period takes place when you are away from home.  Because of this, wood heat is not considered an adequate backup. There are several types of backup systems. You can install a fossil fuel backup type heating system such as propane, or a fuel oil furnace. Another very popular type of backup system is a storage system. Instead of having to install two heating systems, you can use storage heaters, a storage furnace, or slab storage. For more information on the different types of heating systems please give us a call or stop by our office.

If you plan on installing off-peak heat, Clearwater-Polk will provide the ripple receiver, the heat meter and the heat meter socket at no cost.  After that, there is a $2.50 monthly charge per extra meter.

The system will need to be inspected once installation is complete in order to receive the off-peak rate.


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