Helping your home or business take advantage of cost-effective energy efficiency programs is the focus of Power Savers - a Conservation Improvement Program formed by Clearwater-Polk and other area utilities.  If you have energy improvement projects you have made or are considering, you could be eligible for a rebate.  Rebate forms are available below or from our office.  Please note that all rebates are in the form of a credit to your electric bill.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Clearwater-Polk Electric at 218-694-6241 or toll-free 877-881-7673 and ask for Member Services.

LED Christmas Light Rebate 2015.pdf 606.63 KB
CFL Rebate Form.pdf145.4 KB
LED Lighting Rebate Form.pdf59.24 KB
Residential Rebate Form 2015.pdf250.64 KB
Residential Insulation Rebate Form.pdf200.95 KB
Commercial Custom Project Rebate Form.pdf178.66 KB
Commercial HVAC Rebate Form.pdf288.32 KB
Commercial Lighting Rebate Form (New Construction).pdf165.4 KB
Commercial Lighting Rebate Form (Retrofit).pdf222.58 KB
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