Electric Heater & Water Heater Rebates

Clearwater-Polk offers rebates on new electric heating systems.  Members may receive $20 per kilowatt (KW) for qualifying electric heating equipment with a maximum rebate of $600.  The system must be the primary heating source of the building and on the off-peak program with a qualified backup heating source (air-source heat pumps do not need to be on the off-peak program to qualify).

The rebate applies only to hard-wired electric heating equipment.  Plug-in systems are not eligible. The rebate is in the form of a credit to the electric bill.

Also, new as of April 2016, members who install new electric water heaters that have an energy factor of .91 or greater, and who allow it to be subject to shut off during peak demands in the months of November through April may also qualify for a rebate.  For more details, please click on the Electric Water Heater Rebate Form link below, or call the Member Services Department at Clearwater-Polk Electric at 218-694-6241.

Rebate Forms